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burning man art

After my first Burning Man in 1999 my friend Zoe dragged me to a volunteer meeting and made them look at the pictures I took. That led to me being part of the team that documented all the art for their archives, which I did ten more times before my last trip in 2012.
Burning Man was a big thing in my life for a long time, and while I'd never say never I did promise my '99 Saturn I would never drag it out there again so someone is gonna have to give me a ride.

Shooting this stuff was a real pleasure, especially since many of the artists behind these spectacular works are friends of mine and giving them a record of their amazeballsness gave me a way to say thank you.

Eye Arch
Raygun Gothic Rocket Launch
Temple of Honor
La Contessa figurehead
Space Carrot
La Contessa
Celestial Object
Conexus Cathedral
Artist Unknown
Serpent Mother
Artist Unknown
Vining Peas
Gus Gristle
Rusty the Robot Dog
Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown
Steampunk Treehouse
Artist Unknown
Fata Morgana
Artist Unknown
Anton and Teepees
Do Not Press (Artist Unknown)
Temple of Gravity by Zach Coffin
The Reverend Screaming Fingers
Celestial Object, Michael Christian
Water Boy
Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown
Hypha by Michael Christian
Center Camp
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